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What we Value

1. Ambition

We want to make the biggest difference possible and have set ourselves the goal of finding the best organisations in our chosen cause areas and partnering with them to make the world a better place for all.   


2. Evidence

We believe that solid data is the only way to make good decisions. We only fund if we have sound empirical evidence that the intervention works and if the organization has clear targets against which it monitors and evaluates its performance. 

3. Continuous learning

We appreciate it when people share their experiences and challenge our perspective as we know that this helps us improve our knowledge and make better decisions going forward.


4. Solid relationships

We strive to build deep relationships, both with those we fund and others who share the same vision of the world. This means that we prefer to support a small number of organisations over the longer term rather than spread our funding over a much larger number.

5. Learning in the field

We always try to get out and see how things work in practice.  It helps us understand the world better and be informed about the challenges our partners face. It’s uplifting to see an organisation’s work in action and this encourages us to keep supporting them.

6. Results are everything

We are consequentialist. Good intentions must lead to meaningful action and this means we are fixated on results, both our own and those we fund.  

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