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How we Fund

1. Impact

We are obsessively focused on impact, meaning we strive to find the most impactful organisations to then fund them to do more great work.


2. Deep research

We research cause areas and interventions thoroughly so we can have meaningful conversations with organisations who are experts in their field.


3. Unrestricted funding

We don’t believe in ring-fenced funding as it can be an unnecessary hindrance on the ability of an organisation to operate how it thinks best. If we don't think an organisation knows how to wisely allocate their energy and resources, we simply don’t fund.


4. We fund people and take risks

Great leaders make all the difference, so we seek out people with strong track records who display great clarity of thought and the ability to get things done. We like innovation and we’re happy to take calculated risks, appreciating that things rarely go smoothly first time.


5. Minimal Paperwork

The last thing we want is to waste the time and energy of those who are trying to solve a problem. We need good information to make funding decisions, but we don’t ask for special reports and instead just ask for information which should be readily available.

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